Friday, February 28, 2020

In the documents which I upload Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

In the documents which I upload - Essay Example The power of the sound depends on the ability to create a known rhythm, harmony and style. The development of the music usage in documentaries, drama and other films has helped in the development of the quality movie following and in turn facilitate the development of the attraction and attention grasping of the audience. The Music that can be used in the film Golden age is a documentary sound effect because it does not have any physical character but relies on sound in character and plot development. The movies has an abstract presentation of images that cannot be clearly understood without linking the film to technological work such as the use of sound and effects will facilitate the development of theme and storyline which can be developed and be used to explain the occurrences and use of technology in films. The film presents the different approaches that can be used to address the issues of image creation. Music and sound use in the film Sound usage in the film is vital because it creates the necessary accompanying audio effect that influences the performance of the movies. Movies without the sound effect and music cannot be able to produce effects on the audience. Music is a vital aspect in the film production cycle, which leads to the development of attention in the audience. The absence of music has a profound effect on the film because music is used to enhance the drama. Without music and sound, it is impossible to illustrate the emotional content in the film (Larsen, 2008, p. 34). The development of the story line is not effective in the process leading to the development of misunderstanding of concepts. The employment of the Automated Dialog replacement is to improve the quality of the actor’s voices and reduce the effect of the surrounding noises or solve the problems of volume and quality. Music offers the guidance of emotions in the play through the development of the various means and styles of sound controls. The development of the variou s approaches with the main focus being on the use of sound is depicted in several movies. These movies present ideas and emotion by the use of dialogue, monologue and music usage. Music in films helps in improving imagery and intimates the drawings (Sherman, 2003, p. 78). The success of the music usage is dependent on choice and sound effects associated with the situation. Situation of horror and happiness is presented differently with the main focus of the sound effect being on volume and intensity. Despite the impact of sound and music use in the film, the influence may not be powerful, when it is not linked to the scene. The failure to develop the various mechanisms of sound and music control in the movie may lead to lack of relevance in the movies. The chosen movie does not have a sound tract as such it does not draw attention of the audience. Thus, the impact of sound usage can be easily evaluated by evaluating the film. The use of music and the sound tract improves the film qu ality by improving the understanding of the audience and increased attention to the plot development of the film (Wierzbicki, 2008, p. 63). The film has failed to include sound tracks for the purpose of evaluating the impact of sound in film creation and watching. Simulation coupled with sound usage makes the film successful if properly controlled. Soundtrack for the Film From the start of the film, to the 23rd second is the introduction part of the movie, which must be touching and captivating. The use of stringed instruments accompanied by

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