Monday, November 18, 2019

The Castle Doctrine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Castle Doctrine - Essay Example This argument showcases, according to the report, â€Å"a loss of faith in law enforcement†(â€Å"The Castle Doctrine†). With the police being stretched thin due to an increase in crime, people don’t want to have to wait for law enforcement to come and save them especially if they are in a potentially life threatening situation. The New Castle Doctrine takes away the â€Å"vulnerability† that people feel in an increasingly violent world and makes them feel safer(â€Å"The Castle Doctrine†). Having this doctrine to back them up is important in order to prevent someone who was merely defending themselves from going to jail as people have the basic right to protect their own lives, their loved ones, or their property. There are a few different arguments which make up the reasons as to why the New Castle Doctrine is essentially a license to kill. The first reason is that people simply aren’t very well educated on what this particular doctrine covers in terms of the situations when a person can defend themselves with deadly force. Most people simply look at this law and believe that they will be protected no matter what as long as some sort of crime was committed. Ultimately, this leads into the second argument against the New Castle Doctrine as this type of legislation basically turns people into vigilantes who take justice into their own hands regardless of the situation. This is illustrated in the case of the gas station clerk who shot a man after he stole a case of beer(â€Å"The Castle Doctrine†). The New Castle Doctrine allows a person to exact their own vengeance even if the punishment does not fit the crime. Finally, those against the New Castle Doctrine believe that it will r eally hurt the legal and court system within the country as many of these vigilantes are being acquitted of any wrong doings due to their claims that they used deadly force because of the New Castle Doctrine. This might lead to a slew of criminals

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